Our missions

Our missions

N° RC 21/00-0144715B21
district bouzar said -beni ouelbane skikda 21000-algeria



– Installation of computer networks;
– Data processing for third parties, data entry, file conversion, etc …;
– Support and assistance in the creation of innovative businesses;
– the exploitation of licensing patents;
– Promotion of invention patents, design of prototypes;
– technological watch and economic intelligence;
– qualifying training, expertise and advice in entrepreneurship.

– Editing and distribution of magazines, newspapers, periodicals etc.
– All other printing works.

– All advertising services: design,
production and distribution on all multimedia, audiovisual, graphic media, etc.;
– Graphic design and text and image processing (drawings, posters, prospectuses, brochures, logos, packaging, assembly, creation and production of models and magazines);
– Carrying out surveys and polls;
– Communication advice ;
– Organization of conferences, seminars and meetings
– All intermediary activities in the economic and commercial field with the exception of regulated activities;
– Trade representation and commercial agency;
– Telemarketing center;
– Any trading activity.
– Any activity of commercial company representation, carried out in an independent capacity aimed at the placement of products, equipment and foodstuffs intended for all users (including multi-card representation).
– Representation of car dealers.

– All activities of representation or commercial agency coming under foreign authorities and states.

– All commercial representation activities carried out under one or more – Foreign public establishments.


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