join Crossref as a member via AJPS publications

join Crossref as a member via AJPS publications
Honorable director
we are honored to present to you this offer for Crossref services, we invite you to join Crossref as a member via AJPS publications algeria and get your prefix and DOIs for scientific content.
We are ready to grant you the first preferential status in Algeria as a model university in the international registration system DOI ids.
We wish you success in your mission,We look forward to signing an agreement with you covering all of our services shown below.
facilitate content registration with Crossref on behalf of sponsored members
ojs,omp web hosting for journals and books
indexing services and scientific IDs for researchers and journals
We work with publishers from Algeria and all African and Arabic states who are using OJS for their journals, OMP for their books, or Eprints for their repositories. However, any similar platforms are also welcome.
We support the following content types:
journals and journal articles
conference papers and proceedings, theses and dissertations;
books, book chapters and reference works;
peer reviews, preprints, reports and working papers.

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